Flooring Glossary

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Welcome to Finishers Unlimited flooring glossary, where we’ve listed the most common flooring terminology one will encounter when reading about flooring, finishes, and more. If you cannot find the term you’re looking for or would like to learn more, please contact us today!

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  • Acclimation
    Acclimation ac·cli·ma·tion \a-kl-m-shn\ noun Adjustment of the floori [...]
  • Blooming
    Blooming bloom·ing \blü-mn\ noun A natural phenomenon that occurs during linol [...]
  • Cross-Ply Construction
    Cross-Ply Construction cross-ply con·struc·tion \kros\ pl\ kn-strk-shn\ noun [...]
  • DIY
    DIY d·i·y \d- - w\ noun Acronym for do-it-yourself. DIY projects can be carr [...]
  • Distressed Visual
    Distressed Visual dis·stressed vi·su·al \di-strest\ vi-zh-wl\ adjecti [...]
  • Engineered
    Engineered en·gi·neered \en-j-nird\ adjective Refers to hardwood constructio [...]
  • Finish
    Finish fin·ish \fi-nish\ noun In hardwood flooring, finish refers to the surface co [...]
  • Floating Floor
    Floating Floor float·ing floor \fl-ti\ flor\ noun Refers to a floor that doesn&rsqu [...]
  • Grade Level
    Grade Level grade lev·el \grd\ le-vl\ noun The construction level of something rela [...]
  • Half Bathroom
    Half Bathroom half bath·room \haf\ bath-rüm\ noun A bathroom that doesn’ [...]
  • Heartwood
    Heartwood heart·wood \härt- wud\ noun The central wood of the tree that is not [...]
  • Interlocking
    Interlocking in·ter·lock·ing \in-tr-läk-i\ verb A method of inst [...]
  • Knot
    Knot knot \nät\ noun The portion of a branch that is surrounded by the wood’s s [...]
  • Laminate Flooring
    Laminate Flooring lam·i·nate floor·ing \la-m-nt\ flor-i\ noun This is [...]
  • Lock and Fold
    Lock and Fold lock and fold \läk\ n(d)\ fld\ verb This is a hardwood installation sys [...]
  • Mineral Streak
    Mineral Streak min·er·al streak \min-rl\ strk\ noun The mineral matter in wo [...]
  • Nail Down
    Nail Down nail down \nl\ daun\ noun A method of installing floors that requires the use of [...]
  • Plank
    Plank plank \plak\ noun Refers to wooden boards that are at least three inches wide. The j [...]
  • Random Length
    Random Length ran·dom length \ran-dm\ le(k)th\ adjective Refers to flooring sold in [...]
  • Structural Integrity
    Structural Integrity struc·tur·al in·teg·ri·ty \strk-ch [...]
  • Texture
    Texture tex·ture \teks-chr\ noun Relates to the look and feel of the surface of flo [...]
  • Urethane
    Urethane ure·thane \yur--thn\ noun A protective finish that keeps its almost new ap [...]
  • VOCs
    VOCs v·o·cs \v- - sz\ noun Acronym for volatile organic compounds. These are [...]
  • Wood Stain
    Wood Stain wood stain \’wüd\ stn\ noun A form of thin paint that is formulated [...]

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