Cleaning Up After Your Pets

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Properly cleaning your carpet after a mess will eliminate foul odors later on.

Properly cleaning your carpet after a mess will eliminate foul odors later on.

When it comes to cleaning up messes made by pets, most owners try to clean them up the wrong way. This leaves a permanent stain and therefore a permanent odor during hot, humid days. Learning how to clean up pet messes the proper way using the proper products will help minimize the chances of a permanent stain or odor. Here are a few tips that help with any pet mess and the cleaning solutions to best suit the job.

When cleaning up wet messes, such as vomit or urine, using a paper towel will only soak up the liquid that sits on the surface of the stain. Trying to use a paper towel or brush will often just push the stain deeper into the carpet and then subfloor once you start trying to scrub the stain. Instead of trying to scrub the stain out or push it deeper by pushing down on paper towels, invest in a carpet extractor. Good handled carpet extractors can be found for around $50. Do not try to use a shop vacuum on the stain because the smell of the mess will end up staying in the filter. As soon as you notice the mess, use the carpet extractor and clean until you no longer see the stain.

Trying to use paper towels or a rag to scoop up a solid mess made by your pet can just force the mess further into the carpet. Try using a putty knife and a dustpan to scrape up the mess. Once the mess is scraped up, it’s time to treat the carpet.

When treating carpet stains, the right cleaner is important. For instance, regular carpet cleaners don’t work to clean up urine stains. In order to clean urine stains, you need to use a specific bio-enzymatic cleaner for urine that neutralizes the uric acid and urea. It will also eliminate the proteins and starches in the stain. Treating liquid messes requires cleaning a larger area than just the stain because liquids soak in and spread. Treating solid messes requires a saturation of the stained area with an oxygenated bio-enzymatic cleaner. Let the cleaning solutions soak in for 45 minutes to an hour before cleaning.

Try not to use home remedies that have solutions made of vinegar and baking soda to clean up pet messes. These solutions will cover up the smell for awhile,. But the smell will eventually come back. It is always better to buy a good product with enzymes. If the stain is saturated into a large enough area, you might want to consider using a product with enzymes, bacteria, and an oxygen booster before you just decide to replace the carpet. When it comes to cleaning solutions, you get what you pay for.

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