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Choosing your hardwood floors wisely

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for any homeowner, especially those looking for durability, unrivaled beauty, and an extensive lifespan. There are many other benefits from this material as well, but it’s important to make the right choices right from the beginning, to make sure you can truly take advantage of them all.

For instance, you’ll get to choose specific options, with the help of the associates at your hardwood flooring retailer, that will give you everything you need in a floor covering. These options are crucial, and work hand in hand with your lifestyle and your in-home traffic level.

The most important aspect of hardwood floors

You’ll find out quickly when you set out to learn more about hardwood flooring that wood species has a lot to do with making sure your floors reach their intended lifespan. Since this lifespan can reach and exceed 100 years, it’s important to make sure you choose wisely.

Some species are harder than others, and the more daily traffic you have, the harder that species will need to be. If you have children or pets, harder wood is always better, as it withstands that kind of daily wear very well.

Stain color, sealant, and finish type are other options you’ll have in this product line, and your associate will ask all the right questions to make sure your floors will suit both your requirements and preferences. They’ll even show you specific finish types that work to help to mask certain signs of wear.

Since this is an investment that will likely last for as long as you own your home, we suggest protecting it by making use of the professional installation team from our hardwood store. We have all the specific tools necessary to get the job done right, as well as a great deal of experience, and your satisfaction is our number one priority.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Dundee, MI from Finishers Unlimited

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Finishers Unlimited has provided comprehensive products and services since 1993 for the residents of Monroe and Wayne counties. We stand ready to assist you with all your flooring needs, with friendly, professional associates who will answer any questions you might have.

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