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Don’t take your interior and exterior doors for granted

Some of the aspects of your home that gets the least amount of consideration are the doors, both internal and external. Often taken for granted, they are a very crucial part of your home. Exterior doors allow for entry and exit as well as protection against anyone entering your home unwanted.

Interior doors, on the other hand, offer privacy and the ability to close off certain areas of your home when not in use. They can also be important if you have children or elderly people living in your home, to help keep them away from items that may cause harm.

What you need to know about interior and exterior doors

Interior and exterior doors are never exactly what you think they will be. For instance, you might only think of entry doors when you think about exterior pieces, but the truth is, screen doors and storm doors also fall into this area. Whatever you need in this area, our associates will help you figure out exactly which ones are best for your home.

Interior doors are not generally as impressive or as expensive as entry doors, as they are neither the “face” of your home, nor do they require weatherproofing to protect against the elements. We offer a large selection of doors to choose from including traditional doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, French doors, and barn doors.

Check out our large selection of doors and all the brands represented, including Therma Truand Palmer-Donavin, to make sure you’re getting the best range of options. As an interior and exterior door retailer, our associates will work right alongside you to make sure all your needs and preferences are met, and we’ll make sure, too, that you remain in the necessary budget range.

Be sure to ask about our installation services, which will make this project so much easier for you.
Interior And Exterior Doors in Monroe, MI area from Finishers Unlimited

We’ll fit you with the perfect interior and exterior doors

At Finishers Unlimited we have all the products and services necessary to transform any door in your home. Whether you need one door or all of them, we’ll make sure you get to see all the available brands for the very best choices possible.

We have a showroom in Monroe, MI and from there, we proudly serve the residents who live in and around Monroe and Wayne counties. When you visit us, you’ll find that all our associates truly strive for complete customer satisfaction.