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Cabinets now for long-term functionality

Choosing a great kitchen or bathroom cabinet set can mean a lot of things for your home. It can completely change the look and ambiance of an entire space while also adding excellent functionality that you need to get the most from these areas.

Finding the perfect pieces can hinge on your specific preferences and requirements, so your cabinet store associates will spend some time getting to know you to help match you with the perfect materials. Once you’ve found some cabinets that truly appeal to you, we can further in deciding the rest of the project.

When only the best cabinets will do

Whether you simply need cabinets to finish off a recent remodel or you’re just getting started with your kitchen or bathroom remodel, we can help. You’ll find brands such as Diamond, Omega, and Crystal, just to name a few, to point you in the right direction for style, functionality, and longevity.

What’s more, we can also supply you with many other products necessary for finishing your cabinet project, such as hardware, pullers, fixtures, and more. In fact, as a cabinet retailer, you’ll find everything needed for a complete remodeling project right here in our showroom.

In addition to sheer functionality, which is sometimes the most important thing for a homeowner, there is also a wealth of color and design options available to you. Light colors such as maple and oak can truly open up your kitchen, making it appear bigger than it is, while darker colors like mahogany are used to create a dramatic impact.

Cabinets are so much more than a place to store dishes and pantry items. They can tie your entire kitchen or bathroom together with some of the most amazing appearances available. That’s why we invite you to truly search out your options with determination.
Cabinets in Monroe, MI area from Finishers Unlimited

Choose us for your cabinet projects

Finishers Unlimited has a reputation for a comprehensive selection of products and brands that are sure to help you create the look you’ve always wanted. Our associates strive for complete customer satisfaction, so you can know you’re always getting the best.

You can drop by either our showroom in Monroe or Woodhaven, MI anytime to find out how we can get started on your cabinet or remodeling project right away. We already provide services to those from the communities of Monroe and Wayne counties, and we look forward to the opportunity to meet your needs as well.