Laminate Floor Made with Recycled Materials
Laminate Floor Made with Recycled Materials

This wood-finished laminate flooring is
made with recycled plastics, making
this material an eco-friendly option.

Laminate is quickly growing as a favorite flooring option for many interior designers, homeowners, and home builders. Laminate is designed to simulate wood or stone and is finished with a photographic appliqué layer that is covered with a top layer supposed to appear like stained wood or polished stone. This type of flooring is typically made with melamine resin or fiberboard, and is considered to be eco-friendly because it reduces woodlands from being cut down and can be made from recycled plastics.

A few additional reasons that laminate flooring has grown in popularity recently include it being more hygienic than either wood or carpet, plus it is much easier to install than most other types of floors.

Laminate flooring often uses a tongue and groove system of attaching planks. This is nice for installation purposes because when properly connected the planks fit together seamlessly.

Most laminate flooring manufacturers design their product to be installed as a “floating floor”. A term used to illustrate that the laminate is not directly attached to the ground. A floating floor involves installing the laminate on top of a thin foam underlayment that sits on top of the subfloor.

A good tip for installing wood or stone laminate is to leave about an eighth of an inch between the plank and the wall. This will allow for potential expansion of the floor caused be seasonal changes in certain climates. A common practice for installing wood or laminate planks is to take up the baseboards then replace them on top. This way the gap between the wall and the planks will be nicely hidden.

Caring for laminate is relatively easy when compared to carpet or wood. Do keep in mind that small stones, dirt, and even dust particles can scratch the surface. The best approach for maintaining laminate flooring is to use a broom followed by a wet sweeping cloth.

Remember not to let liquids pool on laminate flooring as this can very likely cause warping or swelling, needing portions of the floor to be replaced.

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