Hot Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Materials

corner drawers

With the right kitchen cabinetry, you can really highlight your kitchen’s functionality and style. While it isn’t always easy to find the right materials and designs for kitchen cabinets, performing some research can really provide you with exciting rewards. Read on to learn more about the kitchen cabinet materials and designs that are currently captivating experts in the field.

Trending Cabinet Designs

Corner Drawers

Corner Drawers

  • Glass Front Cabinets: It seems as if closed cabinets are no longer in style since they don’t provide the open entertainment space people are seeking. The kitchen is no longer just a place to cook; we want to spend time there chatting and enjoying the company of friends and family. Glass front cabinets and open shelves are now in vogue, though bear in mind that this requires a lot of organization on your part.
  • Shaker Door: This door has a flat panel style in five pieces; the frame is comprised of four pieces while a single center flat panel is the fifth piece. Shaker doors sport a “simple” style, which means they look good with just about any decoration, and there are a host of variations in stains and paint colors. Homeowners are using a natural finish rather than a painted one, as this can save them a considerable amount of money.
  • Corner Drawers: These are extremely convenient since they pull out from the corner and ensure you don’t have to crawl on your hands and knees to find items located inside. As this is a specialist design, not all cabinetry companies offer it, so check before getting too excited!

Trending Cabinet Materials

Red oak cabinets with glass fronts

Red Oak Cabinets with Glass fronts

  • Red and White Oak: Red oak is extremely durable and strong and is available in a variety of finishes and styles. It is a great option for custom-built cabinets. White oak is even stronger and has a more subtle grain. Typically, you can only use white oak if you plan on a custom-built kitchen cabinet.
  • Cherry: This is deemed to be an elegant and formal material for kitchen cabinets and is strong enough to withstand marring and knocks. Cherry is particularly popular for cabinets in a contemporary kitchen, and the wood darkens with age and is normally stained to ensure a uniform color.
  • Pine: This is the only softwood normally used for kitchen cabinetry, but be wary since it has a tendency to dent more than hardwoods. You can stain the wood, and it is popular for the knots it often contains, which make it ideal for country kitchen styles. You will be able to find western and eastern white pine in semicustom lines.

When choosing kitchen cabinet material, pay attention to the color, grain, and construction. Popular non-wood kitchen cabinet materials include laminates and Thermofoil. The latter is a vinyl film that is applied to a substrate using heat and pressure. This process means Thermofoil looks more like wood than laminate. Using the styles and materials above as a guideline, you should begin to develop ideas about how to spruce up your kitchen with a beautiful cabinet.


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