Granite Countertop Installation Monroe MI

Granite counters are arguably the most attractive choice for kitchens and bathrooms, making this natural stone a top choice for homeowners looking to remodel their homes. The following information details the process that granite goes through in order to make it from the quarry to the kitchen. For questions about granite countertops in Monroe, please call (734) 243-3502 or click here to contact a qualified kitchen installer.

Granite Countertop Installation Monroe MI

This is a new kitchen installation that features
beautiful light-colored granite stone countertops.

Where Does Granite Come From?
Granite may be located in many places around the world. Most granite is imported to the United States from China, India, Brazil, Italy, and some parts of Africa. Granite is a very hard, crystalline, igneous rock composed of a variety of minerals and is visibly homogeneous in texture. The term “Granite” is derived from the Latin word “Granum” meaning “grain” because of its granular nature. Granite originates from the very center of the earth making it one of the hardest and most durable materials and is extremely resistant to weathering and stain.

Removing Granite from the Earth
Once granite has been located in the earth, sawing and drilling is done in a uniform manner to ensure that each block is approximately the same size. Granite begins its journey above ground when it is dug out of a granite quarry. Granite is removed from the quarry in large hunks which are later trimmed down into smaller, more workable slabs. Once in smaller sized slabs, the granite is typically transported to a granite showroom.

Cutting the Granite
Granite is one of the hardest rocks making cutting and shaping a difficult task without the proper equipment. A diamond bladed saw is used to cut granite for specific projects such as kitchen countertops. This process produces a lot of dust so many manufacturers will either use either a wet blade technique or use a blade with an attached vacuum. High powered water jets create all of the detailed cuts such as holes for sinks and different edges. Next the granite is polished with abrasives and diamond wheels that bring out the beauty of the texture, pattern and color in the granite.

An accurate measurement must be done to determine how much granite will be needed. The customer will choose a color of granite and an installation company will install the natural stone. While granite can be installed yourself, it is much better to have professionals install it for you. Professional installation companies are able to guarantee their work for years to come. Once the countertops have been installed, a sealant is then applied to the top of the counters so that the rock is no longer porous.

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