If you are keen to make a positive first impression on anyone who visits your home, having a great front door is one of the best places to start. Your front door is probably the first thing anyone sees before entering your premises so we have a few tips to help it stand out. While a plain metal or composite door can provide ample security, these doors can look cheap and this is the last thing you want people to think!

Paint Job

There are few better cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your front door than by giving it a fresh new coat of paint. If you really want to disguise the cheap material beneath the paint, you have to prime the surface properly. For best results, choose a glossy paint from a reputable brand such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams and look for an oil-based version for a durable and smooth finish. A bold color such as yellow, plum, or red is probably the best choice though a subdued color such as black or bottle green can also work.

New Hardware

Another step towards creating an impressive front door is to remove old and worn hardware. If your door has skimpy round knobs for example, replace them with a brass or steel brushed entry set with an elongated handle or egg-shaped knob. For the best results, pick a set with a matching back plate. You can also add extras such as a door knocker, mailing slot and kick plate but make sure these all match the main hardware.

Wall Panel Molding

This can transform even the plainest front door and you can replicate the ‘paneled’ look associated with more expensive doors by creating a pattern of mitered rectangles or squares. If you are in an older property, research historical door styles that are the closest match to the home’s architecture. Use finish nails or construction glue to attach the molding and use putty to fill in nail holes. Make sure the putty is sanded for a smooth surface and finish the job by first priming the molding and then painting it the same color as your door.


It is possible to make your front door look impressive without touching it! Adding light fixtures can make your door look nicer but be sure to use 60-75 watt globes for proper visibility and consider lanterns for a stunning effect. This is part of your mission to surround the front entry to your home with aesthetically pleasing objects as the eye of visitors will see an entire package and not just the front door. Other design ideas include adding a plush welcome mat and arranging pots filled with flowers and plants on the front steps.

Welcoming Sight

An attractive front door ensures your property has that ‘homely’ feel and is also a welcoming sight for visitors. If you are interested in transforming your front entrance, talk to Finishers Unlimited. Our team of experts will discuss design ideas with you and help create the perfect front door for your needs.

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