Linoleum Flooring

In this day and age, being environmentally friendly matters — the phrase “Go Green” is now used in conversations about everything from water bottles to kitchens. Once viewed as a dull, drab type of flooring, linoleum has also changed over the years, but the best part is that since its invention in 1855, it is still made from renewable materials, making it the perfect asset for any “green kitchen.” Modern linoleum is available in brighter, bolder colors, and it continues to retain its sturdiness and reliability.

The basic components of this flooring consist of a variety of renewable materials, like solidified linseed oil, ground cork dust, pine rosin, wood flour and a number of mineral fillers. Burlap or canvas constitutes the backing, and the overall durability of the flooring relies upon how it is constructed. For example, inlaid linoleum flooring typically holds up the best. A good quality linoleum floor can last up to forty years, yet another eco-friendly aspect. Furthermore, it is biodegradable and can be broken down into fuel.

One reason linoleum fell out of the market after World War II could be due to the invention of vinyl flooring. Although often confused with linoleum, vinyl flooring is actually consists of synthetic, man-made materials. The main reason that vinyl surpassed linoleum in popularity is because of the so-called high maintenance that is required to maintain linoleum flooring. A new floor must be coated with two coats of acrylic sealer, and another layer must be applied every year. Linoleum also requires a consistent waxing routine to provide optimum shine.

Despite the fact that this flooring may require a bit more cleaning than other types, its perks significantly outweigh the work involved in its upkeep. Linoleum has a classic look suitable for almost any room, kitchen or even bathroom. It is available in a wide selection of colors and designs, and because colors are consistent throughout the entire thickness of the tile, it boasts increased durability. From its colors, patterns and durability to its eco-friendly nature, your home may be ready to meet linoleum.

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