New Carpeting in Monroe Michigan

In many ways, being at home is an escape from the outside world — a palace of peace that we have all to ourselves, with designs and decorations that reflect our unique personalities and create a soothing, warming, serene feel. Please contact our team for a free quote on Monroe carpet services for your home or office.

New Carpeting in Monroe Michigan

Carpets come in a variety of options and there are multiple benefits to choosing carpeting over a hard surface floor, most namely the cushion and comfort that comes with it.

From the look to the touch and style of the room it drapes, carpet is more than just a type of flooring. It too has its own personality and special look, while simultaneously creating a sense of comfort for each individual in the home. This is why it is critical to be aware of the sheer variety of styles on the market, each with different attributes, lifespans and warranties. Woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted and flat weaved carpets all have unique appearances, manufacturing processes and suit different needs.

Woven Carpet is a Popular Option for Homeowners

Woven carpet is similar to woven cloth in the sense that it is created on a loom, and it can be plush or Berber. Berber is a cut-and-loop type of carpet, while plush is a cut-and-pile style. New advancements have led to the design of a mixture of both cut-and-pile and cut-and-loop, a metamorphosis that allows for a number of intricate designs featuring different color threads. Manufacturing of these carpets, however, typically takes longer, which raises the cost.

High-traffic Carpet for Your Office

A noteworthy high traffic carpet that is often found in hotels due to its durability is needle felt. Manufacturing is more complex, as synthetic fibers are combined and felted using barbed fork needles. Knotted carpet involves attaching a supplementary weft to the warp of one to three knots, thus forming the nap or pile of the carpeting and producing carpet styles like shag, popular in the seventies. Today, tufted carpet is the most common manufacturing method. By shooting the pile into the backing of the carpet and bonding it to another weave, tufted carpet is highly durable. Another slightly less popular style is the flat weave, which is made by interlocking threads. Once dissected, each type of carpeting has something unique to offer to the discerning homeowner in terms of style, durability and lifespan.

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