Natural Stone

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural Stone Flooring

Popular natural stone flooring includes granite, marble, travertine, and man-made materials. For a quote in and around Monroe County, MI please call (734) 243-3502.

A combination of texture, veining and vibrant colors create the raw, elegant, unique aesthetic of natural stone flooring. It is important for purchasers to understand their choices of natural stone, as they each have unique strengths to offer. Anyone on a budget who is seeking a rarer breed of stone should also realize that availability and supply of a stone tend to determine its overall price.

Granite Flooring

One of the most popular stones is granite, which is known for being affordable and durable in addition to available in a number of bold colors and textures. For homeowners with elegant decorating tastes, marble offers beautifully contrasting colors with high-end shine.

Marble Flooring

Pricier than granite, marble is also less durable and known to crack rather easily. However, for parts of the home that do not receive much wear-and-tear, marble may be the perfect choice.

Travertine Flooring

Travertine, a member of the limestone family, is not quite as bold in appearance, preferring instead to subscribe to the ideal that less is more. For homeowners who prefer a subtle, natural look, travertine offers a nice, neutral alternative. Two stones that match nicely together are slate and granite — for example, a granite countertop fits attractively with a slate wall tile, which is known accenting a variety of styles. For a softer texture, sandstone is a popular choice, although be forewarned that it can easily stain.

Engineered / Man-made Natural Stone Flooring

Another option is choosing an engineered, man-made stone that combines quartz and resin to give the look of a natural stone for less of an investment. Ultimately, engineered stone does not portray the same grains as natural stone, but for many it can be a cheaper, stronger alternative to the real thing. After determining type, color and style, one can begin laying the foundation for an aesthetically-pleasing natural stone floor.

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