Luxury Shower Remodel Monroe, Michigan

Some plumbing upgrades are for personal choice, while others are done out of necessity. There are literally hundreds of plumbing upgrades and remodeling options to choses from. Many of the upgrades listed here can add value to your home, as well as add some additional selling power when the time comes to sell your home. Some of the plumbing upgrades you may want to consider are; a whirlpool bathtub, custom shower head, toilet, and upgraded piping.

Luxury Shower Remodel Monroe, Michigan

Upgrade your bathroom with this Atlas International Ariel Platinum Steam Shower.

Who doesn’t enjoy a whirlpool tub? Nothing is more enjoyable than a nice relaxing soak after a long day in your very own tub with jets. There are so many options to choose from; there’s bound to be one that’s just right for your taste. Not only is a whirlpool tub a fantastic luxury, it’s a wonderful selling tool as well.

Shower heads
Shower heads are another fantastic upgrade that can be easily accomplished. Shower heads can be highly personalized these days, and just add that little extra something to your showering experience. There are all types of shower heads to choose from, including multiple outlets. If you have already upgraded your shower tile, you may want to find a shower head that compliments your tile work. Why not find the right one, since we all need our showers?

Yes, even toilets can be upgraded now. Many times, new home builders will install the cheapest toilets available. If you are considering doing some upgrading in your bathroom, you may also want to consider looking at upgrading you toilet.

Depending on when your home was built, there’s a possibility that your home may have been built using piping that is now not code approved. Piping exists throughout a home. Over time, old pipes, such as cast iron pipes, can corrode, causing leaks and other problems. Many older homes were built using lead pipes, which are less subject to corrosion. However, these lead pipes can cause serious health problems.

Many homes in Michigan have pipes built under the home in the slab. If the piping is not good, this may result in what’s known as a slab leak. Slab leaks can result in water damage and a host of other costly repairs that no home owner wants to experience. Replacing some of a home’s piping may be a necessary repair to prevent further damage.

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