Shaw Anso® Nylon

Shaw Anso® Nylon Carpet Flooring

Shaw Anso® Nylon Carpet Flooring

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Finding the right carpet involves more than a love at first sight approach, in fact, it comes down to the quality of the carpeting. Lets just face it, although we may partially purchase our flooring for its looks, we also purchase it for its durability.

Shaw’s brand of Anso Nylon stands for the principle that customers want their carpet to last. This manufacturer recognizes that buyers don’t purchase carpet to add it to the art collection, they need something affordable and top notch. With all the brands of carpeting on the market, Anso Nylon has become popular for its fine fibers, stain resistance, sustainability and durability. Shaw offers Anso Nylon, Anso Caress and Anso Crush resister Nylon, all of which provide a top quality carpet. For more than forty-years Shaw’s premium carpet brand has been Anso Nylon and its “G-R-E-A-T” quality explains why.

Anso Nylon provides the customer with a sturdy product allowing each customer the satisfaction of knowing that his or her purchase was a worthy investment. The “GREAT” quality is more than just a slogan, each letter stands for the principles that the brand is founded on, how it is more than just a product. The “G” stands for “Green,” as Anso Nylon has a cradle-to-cradle certification, which means that it recycles carpet to create more carpet. In addition, it is SCS certified, meaning that at least twenty-five percent contains recycled content, proving that even a recycled carpet can remain durable and troop through the spills. The “R” refers to its superior resilience over any other natural or synthetic fiber. Next, The “E” refers to experience, having been around for forty years and offering the most extensive warranty package in the industry. The “A” stands for the anti-stain and anti-soil ability of the carpet due to the R2X advancement, Anso Nylon is known to repel the stain so you do not have to clean it up. Lastly, the “T” stands for the six fibers in the carpet that are twenty-percent stronger than other fibers. Ultimately, this prevents it from showing wear and tear as quickly as many other brands do.

Of course, choosing the right brand of carpet is not a simple task but it is certainly a decision that should be based on many factors. For example, quality of the product, durability, toughness, resistance ability, warranty and even environmental impact. These are the exact principles that Shaw’s Anso Nylon brand runs off of. So, when choosing your carpet, protect your floors with Shaw’s Anso Nylon.

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