Tarkett FiberFloor a Smart Choice

Kitchen with FiberFloor from Tarkett

Kitchen with FiberFloor from Tarkett

Remodeled kitchen with Tarkett FiberFloor

Fiber Floor got its boost into the lime light when Debbie Travis featured this amazing flooring surface on one of her decorating shows. Discover what makes this floor covering very different from anything else on the market today. Now You Can Change Your Floor as Easily as You Change Your Paint Color.

Most people like to update their home decor about every five years, but when it’s time to redo your decorating theme, what comes to mind? A new paint color for the walls? New window treatments? Perhaps some new accessories or different throw pillows for the couch?

How about a new floor? Fiberfloor enables homeowners to replace tired or worn out flooring easily and affordability. An added bonus for renters is that the floor can be lifted up and taken with you.

Tarkett FiberFloor, a new category in resilient flooring offering a new level of decorating convenience combining the comfort of carpet with the easy maintenance of resilient flooring. With its glueless application you can change your floor just as quickly as you change your decorating style.

Material cost, installation, and the potential for sub-floor alterations together often prevent consumers from considering the floor as an option when updating the decor of a room.

“Floor buyers, regardless of whether they’re interested in vinyl, ceramic, wood or carpet, can suffer an extreme level of anxiety because floors are typically viewed as a permanent or semi-permanent investment,”says Chip Braulick, vice president, marketing, Tarkett Residential. “What consumers want today is versatility and freedom; they don’t necessarily want to be married to the same motif for the next twenty years,” Braulick adds. “With more flexible flooring, the entire home can evolve right along with the family.”

Fiberfloor Offers Something For Everyone…

The “Dare to Dream” collection, specifically developed for the youth set, includes whimsical and fashionable designs that adapt perfectly to the changing dщcor of children’s rooms. Kids love the glow-in-the-dark starry night pattern, Blue Heaven, for the nursery or a toddler’s room. a chalkboard pattern called “Graffito Night Train,” another glow-in-the-dark design that replicates drawings on a chalkboard. Other metallic patterns like “Matrix Harvest Sunset” deliver a sleek, contemporary finish that would appeal to an older child or teenager. The unique construction of FiberFloor allows the consumer to change the dщcor of a child’s room as they grow, simply by changing the floor.

The three other groupings, “Sunday Morning Jazz,” “Wood is Good,” and “Back to Nature” offer more traditional and sophisticated designs that are appropriate for a variety of rooms and tastes. Wood and slate/stone looks help create a more upscale, indulgent living space. Textured patterns bring an elegant, classic feel to residential settings, while natural looks offer comfort and warmth.

For more information and to find a retailer near you, visit www.tarkett.com or call (800) 367-8275.

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