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As most people know, the kitchen is a huge focal point, and if selling your home, a major consideration for potential buyers. These days, a lot of home sellers are choosing to upgrade their kitchens in effort to make their home more appealing, and so too are homeowners who’ve decided they won’t be moving anytime soon.

When it comes to kitchen remodels, the two biggest decisions are commonly what color cabinets to mount and which type of countertop will be installed. Three of the most popular, and best looking, counter materials are ceramic tile, granite slab, and laminate.

Monroe Ceramic Tile Kitchen Installation

Ceramic Tile
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Ceramic Tile Kitchen Counters

Ceramic tile is available is thousands of designs, colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and styles, making this choice an extremely popular one for homeowners.

Did we mention that ceramic tile is also very reasonably priced and relatively easy to work with, which means that little experience is needed to install this material.



Monroe Granite Counter Installation

Granite Slab
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Granite Kitchen Counters

While granite is necessarily the most affordable choice when it comes to remodeling, it is certainly the best looking and most resilient. Granite is rumored to be available in 3,000-plus colors, can withstand extreme heat, and it will last a lifetime.

In recent years, the cost of granite has come down quite a bit; however, consumers can expect to pay top dollar for rare colors.



Monroe Laminate Counter Install Service

Laminate Finish
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Laminate Kitchen Counters

Laminates are an eco-friendly solution to remodeling your kitchen as this material is often made from recycled plastics and fiberboard.

Homeowners will appreciate the easy maintenance and cleaning that laminate finish offers, plus this is another inexpensive option when compared to natural stone, stainless steel, or natural wood finished counters.



Depending on whether you are attempting to install your new countertops yourself, or decide to hire professionals, you may want to make your material choice differently. For example, granite requires a special saw and a very keen eye to make precision cuts. One mistake can be quite costly, meaning this material is best left to pros. While on the other hand, both ceramic tile and laminate counters can be installed using standard equipment and mistakes are not typically expensive one.

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