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Although choosing doors for your home is an extremely important undertaking, few people are aware of the huge range of choices they have. Did you know that the type of door you choose can have a major impact on how your home feels, looks, and even operates? As well as being the gateway to your private world, doors also have aesthetic appeal and when you get it right, you can transform a room from bland to amazing. Below, we look at the numerous door types and discuss when they are suitable.

Plain Wooden Slab Door
White Wooden Slab Door
Glass Insert Wooden Slab Door
Decorative Glass Insert Wooden Slab Door
Mahogany Glass Insert Slab Door
Textured Wooden Slab Door
Slab Doors

Also known as a hinged door, this is the most basic kind and you can purchase it flat or have it textured. It is also possible to customize it with glass inserts. Though it is the most common door, you can have it tailor made to suit your individual tastes.

Multi-pane French Doors
White Multi-pane French Doors
Mahogany & Glass French Doors
Pine Bottom Glass Top French Doors
French Doors

These doors should be chosen if you are looking to open up a space and create a large exit or entry point. These doors are great for letting in light and air, but a large amount of space will be required to get them fitted. French doors also vary massively in terms of size, material used in construction, and, of course, in price.

Wooden Sliding Door
Glass Patio Sliding Doors
Bedroom Sliding Door
Multi-panel Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors

You will typically see sliding glass doors being used for exiting to a patio or yard. These doors are also use for interior doors, but are often wooden with glass windows. One automatically thinks about Japanese-style homes when this type of door is used inside.

Wooden Pocket Door
White Wooden Pocket Doors
Mirrored Bathroom Pocket Door
Modern Bathroom Pocket Door
Pocket Doors

These doors consist of a door panel that disappears into a wall cavity. This style of door allows for more space than hinged doors. The door is mounted to rollers, which is attached to a track that has been installed inside the wall, prior to finishing it with sheetrock, plaster, and paint.

Standard Stable Doors
Decorative Stable Doors
Antique Stable Doors
Modern Design Stable Doors
Dutch Doors

There are a number of beautiful designs available for this door, often referred to as stable doors, which is divided into two halves horizontally. It is a great choice if you have kids or a dog, as it is possible to let air in while ensuring your children or pets don’t get out. You could also install a dutch door between the dining room and kitchen to add a touch of class; making your home feel like a fine restaurant. However, problems can arise if the weather stripping is not well installed.

Wooden Bi-folding Doors
White Glass Paneled Bi-folding Doors
Light Wood Large Pane Bi-folding Doors
Small Panel Bi-folding Doors
Bi-fold Doors

This is a system of doors that can be stacked against a wall and opening/closing them gives off an aesthetically pleasing ‘concertina’ effect. When it’s closed, a bi-fold door is weather tight and it is the ideal choice for indoor-outdoor living. On the downside, you will need customized screens which is an expensive process.

Wooden Stacker Doors
Wooden Exterior Stacker Doors
Wooden Patio Stacker Doors
Vinyl Stacker Doors
Stacker Doors

These are unusually designed doors that allow huge openings in your home and basically enables you to open up an entire wall in a different part of the house or in a yard area. Very few homeowners choose this option but it is something worth considering if you feel that your property needs to feel more spacious.

Before You Make Up Your Mind…

Before choosing one of these door types, learn what can be achieved with the space you currently have available. Then you can let your imagination guide you. Eventually, you will have a creative door solution that looks fantastic and is also extremely practical.

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