Cork Flooring Monroe MI

Cork, a natural material harvested from the bark of oak trees, is often used as a flooring surface in homes. It’s not difficult to understand why. After all, there are many benefits to cork flooring.

Cork Flooring Monroe MI

When if comes to cork flooring, not only is it energy-efficient and eco-friendly, you also have many colors and styles to choose from.

As anyone who has cork flooring knows, cork creates a pleasant and comfortable walking surface, making you feel as though you are walking on a cushion; indeed, because cork has “give,” it provides relief for your feet, back, and legs. As such, cork is an especially useful flooring material in kitchens and other rooms in which people spend a lot of time on their feet.

Durability & Maintenance

Less obviously, cork flooring is also highly durable and long-lasting. Not only does it resist cracking and scuff marks, but is also known to be self-healing, such that apparently permanent indentations caused by furniture disappear as if by magic over time. In fact, when properly maintained, cork flooring can last up to 40 years or more. And fortunately, cork floors are very easy to keep clean and in good shape. Sweeping it once a week, and cleaning it with a slightly damp mop every couple of weeks, is really all that is necessary. No special cleaning fluids or materials are needed: just plain old water.

Great for Helping to Prevent Allergies

Cork flooring also provides a number of secondary benefits. Because it contains a substance called suberin, cork repels insects, mold, and mildew, making it a great choice among homeowners known to suffer from allergies. Cork is also naturally fire resistant, and doesn’t release any toxic gases or chemicals when combusting, making it a particularly safe option for families with children and pets. For the eco-conscience, cork flooring is also energy-efficient. Due to its natural insulation properties, cork doesn’t absorb the cold in the winter, keeping homes naturally warm, and reducing heating costs as a result.

Water-based or Oil-based Cork Floors

Cork flooring, which is offered in a wide variety of styles and colors, comes in two types of finishes: water-based and oil. Each finish has its benefits: water-based finishes allow the natural color of the wood to shine through, are fast drying, and eco-friendly; oil-based finishes make the wood stronger and more resilient to potential damage.

More Uses for Cork

Even if you don’t want to use cork as a flooring surface, you might find the material useful in other capacities. For instance, cork can be laid underneath hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile to lessen room noise, such as the sounds of talking and walking. Indeed, there are more benefits to cork than meet the eye.

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